Mahindra XUV500 Maintenance Manual MAN00147 Rev1

About the Maintenance Manual
The maintenance manual outlines the correct standard operating procedures (SOPs) for carrying
out maintenance operations in a Mahindra XUV500 vehicle. Carrying out the periodic
maintenance operations, as specified, is crucial for safe and trouble-free operation of the vehicle.
The recommended maintenance schedule /operations are published in the owner’s handbook.
This manual covers the correct method of carrying out the maintenance operations, using the
correct process/procedures, tools, parts and lubricants. The manual consists of –
Maintenance Schedule – The maintenance schedules outlines the operations to be carried
out a specified interval. These operations are Adjust (A), Inspect & Correct (I), Replace (.R),
Clean (C). The maintenance periods are specified in Kilometers (Kms).
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – Each maintenance operation is coded by an
operation code – 710-MAT-xxxx. Here 710 stands for the model family code, MAT indicating it
is a maintenance operation and xxxx the operation number.
Each maintenance operation is explained step-by-step, in the SOP section of the manual. The
man-hours required to complete the operation is also mentioned along with the operation code.
The correct grade of lubricants /coolants to be used, torque values, special tools are also
mentioned wherever applicable.
Check Sheets – Check sheets for each service list outs the operation which need to be carried
out by the technician, when the vehicles report for scheduled maintenance service. These check
sheets need to be attached to the Repair order.

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