Mahindra THAR CRDe Repair Manual MAN 00190 PART 1of 2 Rev 1

Mahindra THAR CRDe Repair Manual MAN 00190 PART 1of 2 Rev 1

About the Repair Manual

This Repair Manual is published for the information and guidance of the service technician of
authorized MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA dealers to help them provide efficient and correct
service and maintenance on Mahindra vehicle. It contain information on the operation and
maintenance of the THAR – CRDe AC (BS-III & BS-IV) as well as descriptions of the major
units and their functions in relation to the other components of the System.
To ensure customer satisfaction with Mahindra products, proper service and maintenance by
Mahindra Dealer Technicians is essential. Technician should know and understand the
content of this manual before starting actual work on the vehicle. The copy of this manual
should be kept in a handy place on the shopfloor for quick and easy reference.
This manual includes special notes, important points, service data, precautions that are
needed for the maintenance, adjustments, service, removal and installation of Engine and
other aggregate components.
All information, illustrations and specifications contained in this manual are based on the
latest product information available at the time of publication. Dealers will be provided
Technical Service Bulletins or Supplementary Notes in case modifications done in future.
All rights are reserved to make changes at any time without prior notice.
Pictures, photographs used in this manual are illustrations only and may pertain to some
variation than actual in the vehicle.

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