Mahindra LOGAN VERITO VERITO VIBE Wiring Manual MAN-00356 Rev1


The manual is structured as below –

Controllers, Fusebox & Ground layout – Indicates schematically the location of the crucial components like fuses, relays, ground points and controllers (ECUs).

Power & Ground Distribution – Specifies the Power distribution and Ground distribution for all variants.
Individual Circuits – Specifies the circuit diagram of individual circuits, function wise.
Harness Layout – Indicates the physical layout of the wiring harness across the topography of the
Vehicle. It also indicates the connectors and their codes/locations.
Terminal Connectors – Specifies the code, locations and pin-out view of the all the connectors
Appendix – Specifies colour coding and additional information about the wiring manual
The wiring manual outlines complete electrical network plan of the Mahindra LOGAN / VERITO / VERITO VIBE Wiring diagrams are technical drawings representing the electrical /electronic structure of the vehicle. Understanding this manual is the quickest way to identify and rectify an issue, first time right. The manual defines as to how the various systems are integrated and how they work and function together. The complete list of electrical components are shown, including their locations, colours of connecting wires and connectors.


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