Diesel Engine Management

Diesel Engine Management

This reference book provides a comprehensive insight into today´s diesel injection
systems and electronic control. It focusses on minimizing emissions and exhaust-gas
treatment. Innovations by Bosch in the field of diesel-injection technology have
made a significant contribution to the diesel boom. Calls for lower fuel consumption,
reduced exhaust-gas emissions and quiet engines are making greater demands on the
engine and fuel-injection systems.
Complex technology of modern motor vehicles and increasing functions need a reliable
source of information to understand the components or systems. The rapid and
secure access to these informations in the field of Automotive Electrics and Electronics
provides the book in the series “Bosch Professional Automotive Information”
which contains necessary fundamentals, data and explanations clearly, systematically,
currently and application-oriented. The series is intended for automotive
professionals in practice and study which need to understand issues in their area of
work. It provides simultaneously the theoretical tools for understanding as well as
the applications.


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