Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems

Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems

One of the things that I fi nd most interesting about automotive technology
is how it advances and changes. It is also interesting that ideas from many
years ago often return to favour. In this book I have therefore concentrated
on core technologies, in other words how the technology works, rather than
giving too many examples from specifi c vehicles. However, I have included
some examples of Formula 1 technology, arguably the pinnacle of automotive
engineering. Did you know that the 2011 McLaren MP4-26 F1 car is made of
11 500 components? And that’s counting the engine as one!
This book is the fi rst in the ‘Automotive Technology: Vehicle Maintenance and
Repair’ series:
● Automobile Mechanical and Electrical Systems
● Automobile Electrical and Electronic Systems
● Automobile Advanced Fault Diagnosis
The fi rst of its type to be published in full colour, this book concentrates on
essential knowledge and will cover everything you need to get started with
your studies, no matter what qualifi cation (if any) you are working towards.
I have written it to be accessible for all, by sticking to the basics. As you want
more detailed information, you can move on to the other two books. I hope
you fi nd the content useful and informative. Comments, suggestions and
feedback are always welcome at my website: www.automotive-technology. On this site, you will also fi nd links to lots of free online resources to
help with your studies.
Good luck and I hope you fi nd automotive technology as interesting as
I still do.


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